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Post Production + Visual Effects



Heston is a one-stop-shop for post-production on small to medium sized projects.

  • Pre-prod vfx consultation and workflow planning
  • Storyboarding
  • On-set supervision
  • Editing
  • Visual effects (compositing, matte painting, CGI)
  • Titles and mograph
  • Colour grading
  • Mastering and delivery


Heston was a kid who drew constantly.  When he was six, he muraled his bedroom wall with an epic WWI battle scene.  In wax crayon.  His father was furious.

Also a bit of a tech-head, he learned C++ at the age of nine and taught 3D animation for extra credits in his high-school, at the age of twelve.

Now a visual effects generalist for ten years, Heston has earned credits in multiple Hollywood feature films.
As a production manager for Antler.tv, he cut his teeth in the trenches, delivering music videos for high-profile Canadian artists such as Patrick Watson and Broken Social Scene.
This gives him a unique insight into the entire production process – from budget optimization in planning, through rapid-fire decisions on set, to how to avoid pitfalls in post-production hell.

His favourite place to be in the whole wide world is on a movie set, collaborating with all the passionate and talented people who find their way to this crazy industry.

He lives in Montréal with his girlfriend and a cat named Sammy.


Heston muses on the future of interactive storytelling in his popular Medium Blog.

See his illustration work on Behance.

More film credits on his IMDB.

Connect on LinkedIn and Vimeo.

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